Continuing to impress Canadians year after year, the Mazda3 is good at exceeding expectations. This inexpensive small car over-delivers, a rare treat in the automotive world. One of the most popular cars in the country, over 6 million Mazda3s have been sold since arriving on the scene in 2004. Last year’s AJAC Best Small Car in Canada sits comfortably at the top of the heap, and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Mazda announced the next-generation2020 Mazda3.

At long last, the next-generation 2020 Mazda3 is about to land in Cornwall at Cornwall Mazda and you can be among the first to welcome it. Discover it’s great features inside the warm and comfortable showroom, or schedule a test drive to get behind the wheel for an exhilarating test drive. You’ll definitely be impressed.

In terms of first impressions, this car makes a splash. Mazda’s cars are getting better, and more upscale looking every year, and the Mazda3 is no exception. It’s look is clean, minimalist and upmarket. So much though that you’ll forget that it’s a compact, and priced accordingly.

That minimalist aesthetic carries through to the interior, where materials are of far higher quality than you’d expect from a car in this price range. As far as comforts, conveniences and infotainment, it’s outfitted with outstanding features. You’ll find Bose premium audio and a large 8.8-inch display screen. Seatbacks have been redesigned to align more closely to that of the curvature of the spine. Interior features are now more intuitively and ergonomically placed, ensuring that your eyes spend more time on the road.

The next-gen version also boasts a brand new powertrain called Skyactiv-X, which runs similarly to a diesel engine, only with gasoline. It offers better fuel economy, with no reduction of response, power or torque. The official fuel economy numbers aren’t out yet, but Mazda says we can expect them to rival those of the Skyactiv diesel models. Several sizes of engines will be available, as well as a choice of automatic or manual transmissions. Even more notably, the 2020 Mazda3 will also be offered with an AWD option, a rare feature in this segment.

The new model’s suspension has been retooled, delivering a better ride and handling and generous use of sound-deadening materials will have you arriving at your destination refreshed and relaxed. Available in sedan or hatchback, there are plenty of combinations to pick from.

On the safety front, Mazda’s new driver monitoring system will be available on this car. Through a combination of camera and light, this system tracks the driver’s eyelids, how often they blink, as well as position of face and mouth to monitor fatigue and inattentiveness. When the car senses that the driver may not be paying attention, it sounds an alert and takes other action.

All of the features of an SUV, without the price tag. Mazda is continually giving us great reasons to choose cars over utility vehicles. Explore the 2020 Mazda3 in Cornwall, at Cornwall Mazda today.