Mazda’s I-ACTIV AWD system is unmatched on the market and sets itself apart with state-of-the-art handing and control, efficient performance and reduced fuel consumption in all situations.

With I-ACTIV, you’ll never have to worry about winter, that’s for sure. That said, I-ACTIV is much more than just an all-wheel drive. The objective of I-ACTIV is to ensure optimal driving in the city and on the highway when the road is snowy or icy while reducing fuel consumption when the road is in good condition.

AWD systems generally require more fuel since they are heavier and increase friction with the road. With i-ACTIV, however, the systeel drive when the road is slippery.

I-ACTIV is also able to adapt to how the driver is using his or her Mazda. In other words, I-ACTIV is able to detect how we are driving our Mazda vehicle in order to adapt the torque distribution and offer optimal handling.
em is essentially an FWD setup when the road is clear and conditions are nice.

It is only when things get slippery that I-ACTIV gets involved by sending torque to the rear wheels to improve stability. In other words, we get the best of both worlds by enjoying efficient driving in clear conditions, and the optimal handling of all-wh
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